Breakfast, Lunch & Dinnner


Finnish Karelian Pie


This dish is oval shaped and made with rye flour. The filling is usually made with rice porridge or potato mash. You then brush them with butter and if you really insist you can top it with the mash of boiled eggs.


Bread Cheese


Milk is curdled and set to form a round disc, typically 2-3 centimeters thick. It is then baked, grilled, or flambeed to give it it's distinct charred look. Sometimes coffee will even be poured on top. The real interesting part of this dish however, is that it can be dried and then stored for years. People will then take the rock hard cheese and put it over a flame, the cheese will then soften and be edible again.


Sautéed Reindeer


The meat is sliced thinly, fried in fat (traditionally reindeer fat, but oil and butter are more commonly used nowadays.), spiced with black pepper and salt, then for the final touch some water, cream, or beer is added. The meat is then cooked until tender. The meat is served with mashed potatoes and lingonberry preserves, or more traditionally, raw lingonberries mashed with sugar.


Suomenlinna Fortress

Finland is also home to Suomenlinna Fortress. It is one of the worlds largest sea fortresses built by the Swede’s in 1847 when Finland was a Swedish territory. It was built in hopes to scare away Russia. This tactic did not work though as Russia went on to capture both the fort and Finland.

Northern Lights

One of the worlds most famous and mysterious visuals is the Northern Lights. If you want to experience the lights then Finland is an excellent destination. In the months between September and March if you head north of the Arctic circle you are almost guaranteed to get a show.

Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral

My final recommendation is the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral. This is the largest orthodox cathedral in Western Europe. The cathedral represents Helsinki’s large Russian population. It also welcomes any visitors who wish to enter the famous cathedral.

Government, Language & Currency

Finland is run on a parliamentary republic. The current Prime Minister of this government is Sanna Marin, and at the age of 34 she is the world’s youngest state serving leader and the youngest prime minister in the history of finland. With that many people wonder, is the Finnish government actually good? well, to put it simply, yes, In 2017 Finland’s government was ranked most stable, safest, and best governed country in the world. Not to mention Finland is also one of the richest countries in the world as well.

The Finnish people of Finland speak, well, Finnish. The Finnish language has often been described as a very logical language as stated by many people who have studied it. It is also very different though, most european countries speak an indo-european language but the finns speak a finno-ugric language. Most people assume that finnish is closely related to russian or swedish because Sweden and Russia have both owned Finland and are important neighboring countries but this is actually not the case. Both Sweden and Russia speak indo-European languages.

As for the currency of Finland, like most other european countries such as Italy, Spain, France, and Germany, just to name a few, finland adopted the Euro as the primary currency in 2002. Finland is also the only nordic country to adopt the Euro so far. As of how much you should expect to spend in Finland most travelers spend around 147 dollars a day! Make sure to bring your big wallet.